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When the tarmac ends, our riding doesn’t.  A growing number of our members regularly take to the trails to follow their passion.  Whether for fun, adventure or with more competitive aims in mind, off-road riding offers something for everyone. And it translates into better bike handling.  Off road riding is even better with friends. We love nothing more than hitting the trails together. Off-road riding is even better with friends. We love nothing more than hitting the trails together.

Mountain Biking & Trail Riding

With the Peak District and several trail centres within easy reach of our Cheshire base, the opportunities to put “tyres in the dirt” are endless.  Year round, members can participate in regular social “mates rides” and, for those seeking more advanced challenges, “all mountain” excursions are arranged on an ad hoc basis. So why not get in touch and join in [link here]? CMCC has partnered with NW based Enduro World Series Champion, Elliott Heap, to provide introductory off-road skills coaching for our members.

Competitive MTB

Are you keen to get between the tapes and test yourself on the mountain bike?  We have members out racing across a range of disciplines and levels.  We can also arrange coaching for you, whether with one of our preferred partners or with one of Cheshire Maverick’s own accredited coaches.  You may be wondering what’s involved in training for and racing an international MTB stage race. If so, one of the Club’s accredited coaches, Rachel, can tell you first hand here

If you’re interested in joining the Cheshire Maverick off-road gang or coaching, please get in touch [here].

Cyclocross Racing & Training

What if braving the mud and freezing temperatures during the autumn and winter months is your thing?  You won’t be alone out there as a handful of our members race CX at regional and national level.  If you’re interested in finding out how to get into cyclocross, click [here]. During the winter months, we will be organising club wide cyclocross skills sessions. We’d be delighted if you want to get involved. Why not drop us a message to find out more?

Gravel & Bike-packing

Blurring the lines between trails and the road less travelled, gravel biking and bike-packing present exciting options, year round.  From the epic ‘Dirty Reiver’ to weekend bike-packing trips Cheshire Maverick will be there.

So if you’re thinking of off-road, why not join us? 

Off-road enquiries can be submitted [here] or email: [insert] and we’ll get right back to you.