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Riders should:

  1. Not make sudden movements/decisions
    • Fellow riders expect you to continue straight and at a constant speed.
    • Look around before making any manoeuvre.
    • Signal your intention to turn or slow down before you do so.
  2. Try to avoid sudden stops or turns except for emergencies.
  3. Change positions correctly
    • Slower moving traffic stays to the left; faster traffic to the right.
    • Pass slower moving vehicles on the right and announce your intention to do so.
    • Announce passes on the left clearly as this is not a usual manoeuvre. Shout ‘on your left’ as you approach and pass.
    • If needing to get to the front of a group riding in pairs, do so carefully and announce “on your right” as you come up to pass.
  4. Announce hazards. Most cyclists do not have a full view of the road while riding in a group. Riders should help fellow riders verbally or with signals and pass any signals up/down the group:
    • “Car back” if a car is behind.
    • “Car up” for oncoming traffic.
    • “Hole left” or “Gravel” to alert following riders as well as pointing out if possible.
    • “Cars” / “Horse” / “Runner” along with hand-behind-back signal (if possible) to alert following riders of a hazard on the left.
  5. Use hand signals if safe to do so:
    • Right or left turn: arm parallel to ground in direction of turn.
    • Slowing: arm moving up to down as well as calling out “Slowing”.
    • Stopping: hand in air palm forward as well as calling out “Stopping”.
  6. Stop off road.
    • When stopping for mechanicals or regrouping, always move clear of the road.
    • Do not wait in the middle of a road or near to a junction.
    • Always stop somewhere that the group can be clearly seen from all directions and not around a blind bend.

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