Which First Ride

Which ride is most appropriate to join as your first ride with us will depend on your previous cycling experience. ​

Answering the questions below will give you an indication of the most appropriate ride.

Cycling on the road:

  • Is scary6
  • Is ok2
  • Doesn't bother me2

Riding less than half a bike length behind someone

  • Isn't something I've done before6
  • Is uncomfortable6
  • Is fine3

My usual rides are:

  • Less than 20 miles 6
  • Between 20 and 30 miles7
  • Between 30 and 40 miles4
  • Over 40 miles5

My usual average speed on the flat is around

  • 13 miles an hour8
  • 15 miles an hour9

My usual average speed on the flat is around

  • 15 miles an hour9
  • 17+ miles an hour10
We suggest you try our Introductory ride on a Saturday.
Thanks, our Intro C ride on a Sunday is the best match but may be a bit longer than your usual.
Thanks, your answers are pointing to our Intro C ride on a Sunday being the most suitable.
We think you would be fine on our Sunday C rides.
You should be ok on our Intro B rides on a Sunday.

What next?

Please contact us at info@cheshiremaverick.club or using the contact form to check availability.
Unfortunately if we’re not expecting you, we can’t guarantee there’ll be a space on the ride.