Joining a ride

If you would like to join us on a ride then we’d welcome you coming along.

Please use the Contact form to let us know you’re interested in joining us and tell us a little about your current riding. We’ll then be able to let you know whether there’s space for you that week and, if there is, the most suitable ride, when and where to turn up and who to ask for. To get an indication of which ride you’re likely to try, you can use our “Which first ride” page too.

Our Sunday rides are usually between 25 and 60 miles, though sometimes special rides are a bit further. Pace varies from a social 13-14 mph to a fast 20+ mph. Thursday rides are for Club Members only and aren’t suitable as a trial ride.

Typical Sunday ride

If you’re not used to riding in a group, are not sure if you can manage 14+ mph pace or aren’t sure of cycling the distance, we run intro. rides on Saturdays most weeks in the summer, where you can get used to riding in a group and gradually building up pace and distance.

For those already cycling, new joiners will usually be asked to join one of our “C” paced rides at 14/15 mph so you and the group can bet used to riding with each other. It’s for safety so please don’t be offended.

For those already used to riding fast in a group, please let us know and we’ll try to accommodate. ‘A’ rides are for experienced riders known to the leaders. ​

We’re very lucky to be within a stone’s throw of beautiful countryside in Cheshire and Derbyshire that caters for all manner of rides. Why not come along and see why we’re so passionate about cycling in our local area?

New riders are asked to fill in an online consent form before coming along. This is so we have contact details in the event of an emergency and to record you’ve been on a ride. You can complete one using this Consent Form link. Please also have a look at the Club Rules to which all riders must adhere. You may also like to see the notes about Group Riding.