Welcome to Cheshire Maverick Cycling Club

We are a friendly road cycling club based in Alderley Edge covering the South Manchester and Cheshire area and were founded in 2012. Each week, a variety of different group rides is provided each varying from an easy, social pace suitable for most riders to faster or hillier and more challenging.

Everyone is welcome, including children over the age of 12, as long as they can keep up a reasonable pace and distance. We generally prefer that children are accompanied by a parent or responsible adult but if this is not possible, can discuss options.

The main aim of each ride is to enjoy going for a bike ride with fellow riders. Our base is ideally placed for rides around the flat of Cheshire or the hills of the Peak District, both of which offer fresh air and beautiful scenery.

If you’re a complete newcomer to cycling or not used to cycling on the road or in a group, we run introductory rides at certain times, where you can get used to it in a smaller group with experienced leaders to guide you.

If the other end of the scale is more for you and you like fast, challenging rides, you’ll find others in the Club with exactly the same passion.

The combined members have hundreds if not thousands of years’ experience which is on offer if you need advice but isn’t forced on you if you don’t.

There is also the occasional visit to the track, mountain bike trails or BMX course. We also hold regular social events for members and also run off-road cycling skills sessions to learn and practise riding better.

To arrange to come on a ride, please have a look at the “Joining a ride” page which will give you further details. We’re very happy to say that most riders who join us for a trial ride come back again and join us.

About Cheshire Maverick Cycling Club

CMCC was founded in 2012 by the youth cycling coach, William Ackers. The Club was founded with the intention of creating a place where cyclists of every age and ability, male or female, can come and enjoy cycling with other people.

We have an ever-growing membership with a very strong adult and youth mix and a significant proportion of female riders. New members join us almost every week both on trial rides and as full club Members.

Adult and juniors skills session

Weekly rides run for our base in Alderley Edge, though some do occasionally start from other locations. Club kit is professionally manufactured and we have lots of friendly, helpful members who can provide advice on everything cycling if you need it – literally 100’s of years of experience to call upon.

We also have the advantage of being supported by professional mechanics and coaches who run Club skills sessions at the Tameside outdoor track.

If you’re looking for a friendly, easy-going, like-minded cyclists then this is the Club for you. Please do get in touch and come along for a trial ride.